Thursday, July 28, 2011

Where to start...grass anyone?

Well, a better place to start than any would be my now.

My hubby is again out of town for work...story of the last 7 years of our married lives. But I've grown accustomed to it and have even grown craving the alone time. Tonight our family's bread-winner is coming home and just like many other times I want the household to be in order. Therefore, I trucked outside this morning around 8 am (early for my part after catching word online that rain was 40% likely this afternoon) and endeavored to mow our yard. Now let me point out that our yard takes just under 2 hours to complete. It is not a slight distraction to my normal everyday schedule; it is the bulk of my day, resulting in a sweating, green under fingernails, stepping in dog poop kind of morning. A shower...slightly cold to battle the heat exhaustion...always follows and then by the time I'm prepped and ready to go for the remainder of the day, it's almost 1 pm. What a day!

After this being said, I have to confess that I love to mow the lawn. Why?! It's because I'd rather exert myself physically where there is a sense of satisfaction when I am done. My form of exercise is dancing to the radio or doing an impromptu aerobic routine with my kids. I have never been a runner and never intend to be. I don't feel the satisfaction when I pound the pavement for miles and miles and have nothing to show for it except my burning lungs and the necessity to rinse the stink off of me. When I mow the lawn, I'm exhausted, worn out, filthy, stinky...and proud of what I've done. As a bonus, I love the outside smell of fresh cut grass.

So, there I've said it - I love to mow the lawn. I've hidden this confession especially from my husband because consciously I know it's not wise to present one's desire of hard work. :-)


Shift gears.
I've been in a pit
No reading
No writing
So, new plan:
I intended to send letters to my grandmother, but that never happened. So, here is my attempt to make amends & write a little something here and then to send to my grandmother.


Another Negative