Sunday, June 22, 2014

Karen Witemeyer is AWESOME!

Love her books. Her new one, 'Full Steam Ahead' doesn't disappoint. I had the great privilege of receiving an early copy so I could review it. I loved it! The story that unfolds is everything I imagined it would be and so much more! This author has a way of building the foundation of her stories with just enough information but not drowning it so you lose interest. A lot of times I find myself in other books skimming over the background information, but I didn't with this book because I was interested in the background as much as the story. Thank you Karen for writing another story that is perfect in every way.


As you can tell from my last post, I haven't gotten much done besides cuddling my two cute babies. I have enjoyed the crazy, wonderful part of my life...somewhat like a 'timeout'. Writing and even reading has been put on hold. I have read a few things here and there, but not much. As if I feel guilty. The answer is not at all. I know these precious days will pass all too quickly, and I am going to snuggle these babies as much as I can.

Wonderful News

This is how I have spent the last 4 months.