Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Plants

Don't buy me a plant. A dozen roses are different - I'll always love those on any occasion. When you give a mom a plant on Mother's Day, it is saying, "Here is something else that will take up your time for you to worry about in your life, and it will probably die anyway...so yay, Mom." I don't want a gentle reminder that I sometimes stink at being a mom. I want a gift that is easy and something I won't mess up on...like a bag of candy. I told my kids from now on I want them to make homemade chocolate chip cookies and to serve me a warm cookie with a scoop of cookie dough ice cream. That is something I can enjoy and not stress that I'm doing it wrong or forgetting how to do it. The spoon is in my hand, the bown is warm, and I can simply spoon the yumminess in my mouth with no other thought process going on. There - that's a Mother's Day gift. I'm trying to train my kids young. Momma needs it easy, babies. Love you though.