Friday, February 18, 2011

Oatmeal/Chocolate Chip Pancake KISSES

This is a post from a very good friend of mine. Many, many years ago (never mind how many) when I was young and played 24/7 with our next door neighbors, who were also our adopted extended family, this good friend of mine always wore a smiling face...even when she was cast insistently as Toto in our daily neighborhood adaptation of 'The Wizard of Oz'. This friend never ceased (or still ceases) to amaze me with her desire to love life, no matter what the odds. She's always put a smile on my face. Just saying her name makes me grin.

In her post, my friend vents and remembers the sacrifice of being a stay at home mom. In summary: Motherhood is hard; it takes diligence. But in the end, it is the greatest reward.

I love you Steph...and you are doing an awesome job at being a stay at home mommy!

I'm in an incredibly amazing good mood today

Thursday, February 17, 2011

February 15, 2011


Again rejuvinated

Winter time blues

No writing

Walnut Springs

what a nice name...what a nice e-mail

Mass Mail

Rejection x 2

Cedar Fort - editor no longer work there
Granite - no contact

Another positive response

September 2010

Granite email

Positive response on 3rd novel

Submissions on 3rd novel

Mother's Day 2010

Dedicated to my mother for bestowing...

New digs = hault

November 2009

Unpacking and family come visit

Marcia Lynn McClure...I love you

September 17, 2009

I felt the itch again.
Lost in Austen
The slipper and the rose

Even with rejections, I still felt motivated

Lake Powell or bust

August 2009

Belize...pretty Belize

February 2009

Slightly discouraged but somewhat encouraged, my mind wandered through the realm of another story. While I drove to my parents' house (an hour away) with the kids subdued in the back with a movie...or two, the storyline developed in my head and motivated my fingers to tap away another novel - thus beginning my 2nd attempt at the writing world.

the good, the bad, the ugly

and some good feedback

Round 2

Send a mass of letters and e-mails to other publishers

1st (of many) rejection

Covenant communications rejection e-mail


October 2008

This is where I finish my polished (somewhat) 1st draft of my 1st novel (renamed again to Stripling Defenders).

Happy Birthday to me!

September 2008

Writers conference in SLC.
Met with Covenant Communications editor.
He mentioned my cover letter in a panel discussion.
Came home determined to finish last three chapters and clean up my rough draft.

UFC fight night

Started Book 1
Rough Draft

Books are for thine good.

Twilight...thank you!


The 'void' time I didn't read or write.

Oh so wise...

High school/college work

I Dream of Genie

Childhood work

From the beginning

Let me back up...a little about me: