Wednesday, January 23, 2013

For all 'Austen' lovers

Loved every word of this book. Jenni James has not disappointed with this fun, modern retelling of one of Jane Austen's most loveable classics, 'Emma'. The author writes with such candor and whit; I felt as if I was in high school again experiencing everything the main character was feeling. I could feel the despair that was portrayed in the book, and I could feel the anticipation of what high school brings. The author did a great job capturing all of those emotions.

'Emma' has always been one of my favorite Jane Austen novels. Emma is such a sweet character to love, because she is normal and makes mistakes like every young person would do. I love all of the adaptations Hollywood has made along with this example of a storyline. Of course, it was similar to the movie 'Clueless', because that is what is about...a rich, spoiled girl who finds her true self along the path of mistakes and unselfishness. Gotta love it.

The only thing I kept waiting for was Emmalee's friend, Hannah, to crush on Chase. I anticipated it and felt a little sad when that pivotal moment that helped support Emmalee's realization of her own true feelings for Chase were discovered. Other than that, the story was apple for apple along the lines of Jane Austen's book, 'Emma'.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

G'dnight G'vner

My mind is a blur. I've been thinking about what to say, but I hear a low humming sound in my head. It is telling me that it is done thinking. I guess it's that time of night when I am way past due of going to bed. Why am I past due? No one can answer that. When it's just me in the night, I drift through the minutes until it's unnacountably unnavoidable...I meant to say accountable unnavoidably and terribly late. How's that for rumbling? Or is it rambling? I don't know. haha. I was determined to check in with my Sleeping Beauty book, but haven't even given her a glimpse until before Christmas. I do so much better as a writer if I give a little bit everyday. Now that it's past...a little bit of days, it's brewing in my head. As for my Cinderella book. It's going to be so much fun. The original plan was to begin with editing the book this month and schedule it print in February. When I met with the editor, she said they were behind on 2 books and the schedule had to shift a little bit. Also, since I have my trip to Thailand in February, they decided to schedule my book for edits in March and go to print in April. So maybe in stores in May. Woopee!!! K- I'm starting to say funny words. I better go to bed. G'dnight G'vner. Cheeky, I know.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Met with my editor...Linda Prince

Let it begin...let it begin. My little family and I drove to Utah the day after Christmas to spend time up in good, old Treetown (Tremonton). We had a blast with cousins, sledding, movie nights, visiting the bouncy house in Layton, and dropping in to see other family and friends along the way. After staying for a week, we packed up and headed home. On our way, we stopped in Salt Lake City so I could meet with my editor. I was a little nervous. When Ryan asked why, I said it was because I had been writing stories since I was 6 years old, and everything had built up to this actual moment of making my dream become a reality. Well, after our hour visit, I can say I had absolutely nothing to be nervous about. Linda Prince was a sweetheart and made me feel very welcome. I enjoyed looking at all of their published books displayed on the wall. One day mine will be there. Linda talked me through the process of what we'll do when it is my turn to edit my  book. She also talked about cover selection and how that works. All I can say is that I am very excited to work with this publishing company. I should probably also say that we found books from my publisher at the Deseret Book right by temple square. Yes, we are going to return and get a picture of my book at that store.