Tuesday, December 20, 2011

My 12 days of Christmas

Christmas is almost here. What is it about getting older and time moving too fast? When I was a kid, time couldn't move fast enough. Now I just want it to slow down.

The kids got out of school last Friday so we have a full 2 weeks of Christmas vacation. Yeah! We had a 2 hour marathon of games last night & the kids slept under the Christmas tree the night before. I love having kids for Christmas. I love my life!

So, here's my countdown to Christmas:

12 - plates of cookies from neighbors that I'm trying desperately not to eat
11 - gifts for Tytan's classmates
10 - preschool kids who sang Christmas songs to their parents for our program
9 - times 10 Christmas cards ordered and mailed...phew!
8 - logs of wood burned each day in our fireplace to keep warm (and to look pretty)
7 - fun-filled stockings (including 2 for the twins) hanging by the fireplace
6 - hands (from my kids) that like to help me wrap presents
5 - $500 dollars spent @ Wal-Mart on Black Friday...wowza!
4 - days left until Christmas Eve
3 - excited CUTE kids ready for Christmas
2 - strings of lights on the Christmas tree
1 - plate left of cookies from neighbors (that I unsuccessfully tried not to eat)

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Susan said...

you are one amazing wonderful mom!!! How lucky, blessed your kids are!!!