Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I'm on a Roll

To be a good writer, I've often heard the advice to read, read, and read. And of course write. I can support his theory and find that when I read (and often) it helps me when I write. The words come easily to my mind and I also have the motivation to make something amazing when I read something that touches me.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been deep in my reading binge. I love it!!! I stay up late. I think constantly of the characters I've grown and loved.

My sister mailed me a box of 'one nighter' books. Thanks sis! But 95% of them were first books in series...without their accompanying sequels. Thanks sis! Anywho, I am in love of reading. Here are some of my favorites:

The character in this book is actually a dragon. Weird huh? But it was SO good. I had to buy the 2nd book. I just had to. ;) The 3rd and final book comes out in 2 weeks. Yay!
Angels are the new fad in the publishing industry, apparently. This book, about a girl who finds out she's part angel, is now on my 'save forever' shelves. I loved every aspect of this book...romance, mystery, adventure, love triangle. Sigh. I have a confession: I bought the 2nd one too. The 3rd doesn't come out until January. :(

Great series! Another book about angels. Luckily I didn't have to buy any sequels. I found a friend who had them. The 4th and final one comes out in October.
This one is a book about zombies. But not the kind you're thinking of. They're teenagers who have died but attend a school to learn how to live among the living. Don't dig it until you've tried it.
Cute book. I couldn't wait to find out who she chose. But I was not expecting the cliffhanger at the end. There was no conclusion. No finale. No hint of what would happen next. I don't even know when the next book comes out. :(

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