Wednesday, October 3, 2012

People who announce they don't like to read scare me.


More summer reading.

Here are my recent favorites:
Loved, loved, loved...LOVED this book! When you stand in your living room and twirl in a circle after reading a book then you know it's a great book. I love modern classics but often more than not grow bored and eventually disappointed in the anticlimactic love exchange at the finale. Instead, this book had sweet exchanges throughout the book. Now mind you, of course the kiss happened at the end, but I was satisfied with their conversations and excitement of watching them evolve together even when new obstacles began to come their way.

After Edenbrooke, I wanted another modern classic. This book was sweet and cute, but fell in the line of boredom and slightly disappointed at the end. Sorry. I skimmed a bit, too.

Very good. A bit dark, but I'm getting used to the these out of life, out of body type books my sister keeps sending me. What I liked about this book was the undeniable connection the main character had with her past boyfriend. He's basically the one who brought her back to earth. Otherwise, she would have forgotten everything. Her thread to his memory and his love was her anchor. Can't wait for the sequel. Curse you sequels!

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