Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Grandma Dorothy (Dixie) died

I hate putting on paper something that would take a lifetime to actually write in words the memories of one of the greatest grandmas that ever lived on this earth. How can you describe and have someone feel like they were walking in her house and smelling the peppermint from her favorite candy or tasting the pink lemonade that was guaranteed to be in her fridge? What about experiencing her raisin filled cookies and letting the texture of the cookie transform you back to Autumn time when all the menfolk in the family went hunting and we'd watch Pride and Prejudice with Grandma? I love how Grandma always had her favorites: her favorite candy, her favorite drink, her favorite movie, her favorite cookie, her favorite holiday candy. Grandpa Wilson also had his favorite: Lemon Heads. I need to work on my favorites' list. Perhaps my favorite would be Hot Tamales. My fondest memory of Grandma is sitting on the corner of the couch next to her in her rocking chair and just talking. I don't ever remember a time that she wasn't available to just talk. She'd ask about your life and about everyone else. She loved us and was proud of every one of us; there was no doubt. She took such pride in our accomplishments, and she was there every step of the way. Whether it was sporting activities or personal achievements, she was always there. While writing my first book, I had my grandma in mind and am thankful she introduced me to Jane Austen. I gave her an early copy on Mother's Day 4 years ago and I dedicated it to her for instilling my euphoric dreams of happily ever afters. I'm grateful for my grandma's love of life and love of her family and for showing me the kind of patience I want to have in my life. I'm grateful for the gospel, and I know she is having the best happily ever after with Grandpa in heaven.

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