Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One Peach, Two Peach, Three Peach, Four

I'm 34. Yes, my birthday was last month. And I am happy to announce (but also embarrassed to say) that I canned my first batch of peaches and apples last week. I know, what took me so long? It's not that I didn't grow up with a mother who canned. We had jars of just about everything in the pantry in our mice-infested garage. It's not that I'm against canning. It's just that I never felt the need. Of course I buy things in bulk. But I would freeze my supply and use it for a rainy day. Besides, fresh is better right?

So what has lasted as a comfortable pattern altered when a friend of mine announced she was ordering apples and peaches from Payson, UT. K, who can resist fruit from Utah. I mean...yum! So I signed up and was prepared to chop and freeze, as usual. The peaches came perfect and tough so I waited a few days for them to ripen. However, a few days was enough time for them to soften. I mean really soften. I tried to peel and chop a few but when I froze them with all of the juice they froze together in a large clump. So, after hearing my other friends talk about their tedious adventures of canning their fruit, I decided to venture on the unchartered road of canning. I ran to Wal-Mart, bought their last 4 cases of jars, bought a canning basket, and rushed home to do the 'Mormon Mom' thing - can my fruit.

Final tally: After 5 days (not constant canning...more like 3 batches per day).
27 pints of peaches
12 pints of apples
0 jars unsealed...Woohoo, they all sealed. Ya Me. :-)

And it was kind of fun. Humid but fun. Too bad my hubby doesn't like peaches or cooked apples. At least my kids do.

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