Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Europe or bust!

Nervousness, excitement, trepidation, elation, confusion, anticipation...

Ryan and I are going to Europe - take 2. Three years ago we went to Paris, London, & Rome and had the best tourist trip of a life time. When Ryan asked me where else I would like to visit, I said I wanted a repeat of our trip and chose to return to Europe. This time we decided to venture to Eastern Europe.

Our intinerary: to Europe
Saturday...Prague, Czech Republic
Sunday...Vienna, Austria
Monday...Salzburg, Germany
Tuesday...Munich, Germany
Wednesday...Fussen & Garmisch
Thursday...Inssbruck & Zurich, Switzerland
Friday...Berlin, Germany
Saturday...Berlin, Germany
Sunday...Prague, Czech Republic home

Exhale. What a trip! Can't wait to post pictures of our adventures.

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