Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Frozen Garden

What happens after you have successfully planted your garden and then mother nature decides to put a spin on things and make it snow? What happens to all of those sprouting seeds buried in the frozen ground? Well, we'll find out in a week or two if any plants decide to bloom. Ultimate fail.

Another downer note is that we suffered blistering winds that were 60-70 miles per hour yesterday. We had a bunch of shingles flying off of our house, and we don't have an easy roof with a safe incline to fix the shingles. Oh dear....

On the bright side (where I always like to stand, and it's what has been taught by my momma), at least we had general conference weekend and got to lay around in our jammies and eat lots of snacks while we listened to the prophets. Conference weekends are my favorite. And to top it off, I went with some of my friends to Flagstaff on Saturday for a girls trip. I love my girlfriends, and I love my hubby who supports me and wants me have fun with my friends. Thanks girls. Don't ever remind me how many calories are in the raspberry cheesecake. My ears are covered up. :)


Susan Chadaz said...

I love conference weekend too and so sorry about your crazy wind and snow on your cute it warm yet? Can't wait to see you again!!!!

Susan Chadaz said...

see you soon :)