Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pinewood Derby

I love watching my kids grow and experience new things in life (even though I'd love to keep them bottled up in a jar and keep them my babies forever :-). Tytan is now in Cub Scouts...and loving it. He participated in his first pinewood derby this past Saturday. He was so excited. We attended last year but only got to watch. He asked what he'd get if his car won first place. I loved watching his face light up when his number was announced to do his first race. And then I watched his face fall when his car came in 2nd and then in 3rd and again in 3rd and another time in 3rd. Overall, he was the 2nd to the last out of 18. :-(

Well, needless to say, this is also Ryan and my first pinewood derby experience. After Ryan talked to a few other dads after the race, we found out that you're supposed to prep the cars to run faster. For example, wheels are sanded, the spokes are greased, and weight strategically placed under the car. Who knew?

So, Tytan (as well as Ryan) are eager and ready to try again next year.

To all other 1st timers at pinewood derbies, do your research. ;)

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