Wednesday, March 14, 2012


10 years ago February 19th, 2002, I gave birth to our angel babies - Ryanne Dee & Tamarrah Sue. The day was a whirlwind of confusion and sadness. My babies were born too soon and only lived a few hours on this earth. Tamarrah died first that first day of her life, and her sister, Ryanne, died in the early morning hours after midnight. I remember that night like it's engrained on my heart.

However, that experience is the foundation to my testimony. The whole plan of salvation rests upon the knowledge that I'll get to see my babies again and hold them in my arms. I miss them...but I know I'll always be their mommy. Eternity is real, and I'm so grateful for forever families.

My cousin just gave birth to twin boys a couple of days ago. They are healthy, and I am happy. I'm not surprised by the onset of my sad memory of my twins. It goes with the territory of losing a loved one, especially the loss of a child. But, I'm honestly more thrilled than melancholy for my cousin. I love hearing of happy reports of twins being born. Twins are fun. Twins are a lot of work. Twins are a miracle!

My only wish is that no one forgets about the other set of twins that were born a decade ago. Two precious girls who are up in heaven waiting for us. How lucky am I that I get to be their mommy and raise them in the millennium.

Yes, I am one lucky gal.

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