Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring Break

The advantage of starting school early in the year (August 11th) is that we get a week long spring break. Woohoo! It's lovely having a week with no karate, no wrestling, no scouts, no piano lessons, no tumbling, no cheer practice, no preschool, and (of course) no school.

Ryan and his brother-in-law adopted a project this week (because men can't sit idle for very long) and began work on building our raised garden beds. Another woohoo! I'm so excited to get some stuff planted this year. Potatoes, onions, peppers, carrots - mmmm, can't wait. I'm going to have each kid in charge of a section of the garden. They'll get to choose what to plant, but will be in charge of watering, weeding, etc.

Because of this BIG project, the kids' spring break has been a spring 'work' break. They've stayed outside from sun up to sun down playing with friends in exchange for assisting Ryan when needed. We did take a 'break' today and went on a hike, though. Tomorrow we might go play at the McDonald's play place, and maybe Friday we'll go on a picnic at the park. We've got to do something that constitutes a spring break right?

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Susan said...

Hi sweet daughter Tarrah, I love your twin babies and the cute pictures makes me have tears in my eyes. I get to be their grandma too and kiss them and love them too. I love reading about you and your family and your comings and goings and doings. I wish we lived closer. I can't wait for 19 more days to see you and your little ones. :) I love you forever and ever and ever