Monday, February 4, 2013

Trista turned 8

We are so grateful to have our sweet princess in our lives. Each of our children came into our family in different, unique ways. Trista was adopted into our family, and she is definitely made to fit into our family. We love her sweet spirit. She would do anything for anyone. She loves to share...especially her treats with her daddy. She has so many friends, because she is so sweet and funny. Let's not forget about funny - she is always making us laugh.

Some things she likes:
favorite color...all colors but especially pink and purple
favorite toy...her night night, but she likes to play with her barbies
favorite movie...probably 'elf on the shelf'
favorite book...she's reading all kinds of books.

Her birthday party theme was 'snowflakes'. We cut snowflakes, made cupcakes with snowflake sprinkles, had snowflake stamps, and played some games.

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