Thursday, February 28, 2013

Friday Adventure...Thailand

Completely the best vacation I had ever been on. We've traveled to Europe twice and loved those trips, but this trip was the complete package deal of adventure and leisure. It was nice to have optional activities planned and then have leisure time to do what we wanted. The tour guides were great and helped us with everything and showed us the best places to visit and experience.

We first stayed in Koi Samoi which is in northern part of Thailand. It is a jungle and beautiful. We were able to go to Tiger Kindgom and pet the tigers. Crazy. Then, we rode on elephants through the jungle. They even performed for us on how they can trasport wood. One elephant even painted a picture of a tree. Brilliant. Next we saw the long neck ladies in their village. They were nice, and we took pictures and bought some of their stuff.

Next we stayed on an island at the south of Thailand. The resort was awesome. We had our own personal swimming pool in our room. The breakfast was delicious, and the veiw was breathtaking. But, my favorite was the beach. It was a reclusive beach where they bring water and treats every so often just because. One day Ryan and I were at the beach for almost 6 hours. The second day Ryan went scubadiving, and I stayed at the hotel with another wife who didn't want to go scubadiving. So, we went to the spa and got 2 hour facials and foot massages. It was more of an ampucture procudre, but it was good. Then we ate lunch at the beach and laid on the beech for another few hours until the divers got back. That was the day that I like to claim as a vacation day. It was wonderful. I brought my book down to the beach to read, but I had more fun talking to my new friends. We had so much fun.

We flew to Bangkok and got to see the big city. We found a good place to shop. I got me some cute shoes. We took a speed boat tour around to the families who live in houses along the water. It was sad. The houses were falling down. Little children, barely clothed, were playing everywhere and jumping into the filthy water. But everyone was so nice and waved as we went by. The night ended with all of us going to a Thai Fighting event. We didn't stay until the big fighters but we watched 2 fighters with younger kids and they did pretty good.

We flew to South Koreo for a quick tour of it's city and palace. Then we ate some dumpling soup...that were not that good. We each picked up a souvenir or two and then raced back to the airport.

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