Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Angel Babies

Ryan's sister, Chelsea, had a baby boy 3 weeks ago and died just this past week. He was born with a heart condition and had to undergo 4 surgeries. They all knew his chances were slim but tried everything to make him healthy. Everyone is so grateful they got to spend at least 3 weeks with him on Earth.

My thoughts cannot help thinking of my sweet angel babies, Ryanne and Tamarrah. Just like this picture, I'm sure they're taking care of their baby cousin, Brigham. What a gift it is to have these special spirits in our lives and watching over us. I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the Gospel and the plan of salvation. I can't wait to see my baby girls again and hold them in my arms. How lucky are we to know that we'll be with them again and get to raise them. For me, life makes sense. Death makes sense. Heaven makes sense.

May we always remember this great gift from our Savior: Families are Forever!

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