Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween & Candy Favorites

This is my new favorite...white chocolate M&Ms! I've never been a chocolate fan...but I like 'white chocolate'. Give me licorice and a Hershey's candy bar, and I'll always choose the licorice. When people say candy, they usually mean candybars and chocolate. When I say candy, I mean licorice, jelly beans, and anything sugary (not chocolaty). So, when I heard about these 'white chocolate' candies, how could I resist? You have to try them. They'll melt in your mouth. ;)This year, Tytan's favorite was tootsie roll suckers. I told him how my mom used to save the wrappers that had the indian shooting a star and then she got to take the wrapper to the store and get a free sucker. He thought that was pretty cool. By the way, he dressed as a ninja this year for Halloween. No picture posted for privacy issues. You can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your kids.Trista (unlike me) loves chocolate but she especially loves bubble gum. It's probably because I don't let her have it very much. I have found gum in too many inconvenient places (like in the carpet and on the couch cushion) for me to let my kids freely have gum. Trista as Supergirl for Halloween.Trey just likes candy...all kinds. The thing about him is that he eats it slowly (probably trying to have it last as long as possible. He liked the laffy taffy this year. He dressed up in his karate uniform and went trick or treating as a karate guy. You say easy costume; I say genius. :-)

Happy Halloween! And happy candy eating. Isn't it a mother's obligation to scour through their children's halloween sacks while they are off to school. I say yes. mmmmm

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