Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do you say giblets or jiblets!

I wish I would have taken a picture of our yummy Thanksgiving turkey. But, alas, I did not. I'd like to say it compared to the picture of the turkey in my last post, but I'd be lying. It just didn't have that full-on (picture perfect) brown color throughout, but it was good. So maybe it was good I didn't take a picture.

Funny story: I couldn't find the giblets (I even had Ryan look inside the turkey for me). So, I cooked the turkey and later found the little bag of giblets at the other end of the turkey. You live and you learn right? So, again...I'm 34 and cooked my first turkey. Booya!

However, the ham I made was scrumptious. But I don't really think you can go wrong with a ham. You add brown sugar, cook long and low, and tada...perfection. haha.

Now, on to our next adventure:
Tytan is getting baptized this Saturday, December 3rd. We are all so excited. He's actually getting baptized in the same font as his dad. Cool, huh? A funny thing Tytan said the other day was this, "Mom, since I'm not getting baptized until Saturday, I don't have to be good for Santa because all of my bad things will be washed away." Smart Alec! Ya, I told him I had Santa's number on speed dial. haha. Funny kid!

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